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Pleased to meet you!~ I'm myself, a silly individual preferably called nta, but also often referred to using longer names such as ntauthy, or the ol' long one - ntauthority.

If you know me, you know me. If you don't, you might have used or heard of something I've worked on either in the past, present, or one of many yet-unknown futures.

I've mainly worked on raising awareness of complex systems while accidentally overcomplicating the simplest of things, low-level mobile/embedded development tasks, extensibility enablement platforms, and (entertainment) software reverse engineering with a focus on interoperability.

Primarily, as of late, I like interacting with people I believe in, helping out where I can, trying to increase the entropy in the world.

As such, if you're doing something interestingly notable, notably interesting, or just have a fun story, I might want to know about it. Interesting things are fun!

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