potato-grade cow mangler


I'm NTAuthority, known legally as Bas Timmer. I'm 26 years old, from the Netherlands, and a software developer, or at least, people think I'm the latter. I've broken things, fixed things, messed with things, gotten on a few corporate hit lists, and have come to one conclusion: everything is broken.

Thankfully, that can be fixed - or so I hope, for the good of everyone.

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What I do

I solve problems by creating new ones to replace them. I've been doing software for the better part of the current century, and have developed an obligatory realistic view combined with a vast array of knowledge. Among the things I do are:

What I've done

Even though I might not have had much professional experience, I've had a whole set of personal 'fun projects' to hang around, some of which ending up pretty popular among certain groups of people online. A friendly selection:

And, of course, a few lovely side projects I create, track, follow and/or contribute to!

How to get in touch with me

I am reachable on quite a few common instant messaging platforms, though I seem to dislike almost all of them. A set of contact identities and significant profiles is listed below.

Of course, if you're more into traditional means of contact or have a long-winded writing to send, I'm also reachable by email at bas@dotbas.net.

Obligatory non-professional information

However much it might seem that I am not, I am still a person, and have a physical presence as well. Here's some fun details.

That's all.