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Pleased to meet you!~ I'm Norma, a silly individual commonly called by her online handle nta, or longer variants such as ntauthy, or the old one - ntauthority.

If you know me, you know me. If you don't, you might have used or heard of something I've worked on either in the past, present, or one of many yet-unknown futures.

In the past, I've mainly worked on raising awareness of complex systems while accidentally overcomplicating the simplest of things, dabbled in mobile/embedded development tasks, made world-class extensibility enablement platforms, and done a lot of other little silly things, connecting and inspiring numerous people along the way.

Primarily, as of late, I just.. exist, and focus on interacting with people I believe in, helping out where I can, trying to increase the entropy in the world - sometimes it goes well, other times it doesn't, but hey, I learn a lot nonetheless. (:

I'd write a bit about some other interests of mine here, but I'm still trying to sort myself out and untangle the web of interests, so that section is still... under construction.

Anyway, if you're doing something interestingly notable, notably interesting, or just have a fun story, I might want to know about it. Interesting things are fun!

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